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    TU-5 Heated High Stage Separator Package
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Skid Mounted

Sour Service, three phase

Working pressure: 9,930 kPa (1440 PSI)

Gas Capacity: 280.74 103m3/day (10 mmcf/day)

Liquid Capacity: 95.2 m3/day (600 BBl/day)

Meter run: 77.93mm (3.068")

With Senior-Camco, Dry Flow Meter, Fisher Dumps and Controls with Fisher Back Pressure Valve
Line Heater: 528 MJ/hour (1/2 million BTU per hour) 51mm X 41.4 MPag (2 x 6000 PSI) Indirect fired with double pass coils
Thornhill Craver Adjustable choke 25.4mm (64/64"), 34,500 kPa (5,000 PSI) working pressure c/w flare arrestor and temperature controller.
Injection Pump: Texsteam model 5000
With Pipe, Swings, and Flare Riser


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